For club’s wishing to join the OCCC (Formally known as the GTCCC)

The Ontario Council of Camera Clubs is an umbrella organization, with 28 member clubs. These clubs range in size from 24 to 375 members. We operate from September 1st to August 31st.
Your club will enjoy the many benefits to joining the OCCC:

  • You can participate in all events organized by the OCCC as well as other clubs’ events, at the member reduced rate. All members of your club will become members of the OCCC through your club’s membership.
  • You can take advantage of a general liability insurance plan, as well as Directors and Officers insurance, at a favourable rate.
  • Your club and it’s members are encouraged to participate in our annual inter-club ‘Open Competition’.
  • The OCCC organizes two major events each year: the Capturing Light and Shadows education day and the Awards Night and Print Gala, the culmination of the ‘Open Competition’.
  • Through us, Henry’s and Vistek offer discount cards that are accepted at their stores across Canada.
  • A wonderful rate of $4.00 for the quarterly PhotoEd magazine, which sells for $6.50 in the stores.
  • We partner with the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs (NFRCC), which is made up of clubs from northern New York and Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe area, for an annual fall Inter-Regional Competition.
  • We provide a list of speakers for your club meetings.
  • We provide a list of OCCC certified judges for your club competitions.
  • We will be organizing a spring retreat.
  • Your club will be added to our website search engine making it easier for new members to find you

The Current fee schedule for annual membership is as follows:

  • Club membership 25-100 members            $  60
  • Club membership 101-200 members          $  85
  • Club membership 201-400 members          $120
  • Individual Membership                                  $  50
  • No HST required. Fees collected in September covering September-August.

Please fill out the form below and a OCCC representative will be in contact with you.

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