For Clubs Wishing to Join the OCCC:

The Ontario Council of Camera Clubs is an umbrella organization, with 37 member clubs. These clubs range in size from 19 to 375 members. We operate from September 1st to August 31st.
Your club will enjoy many benefits by joining the OCCC:

  • Expand your exposure to other clubs and potential members
  • All members of your club become members of the OCCC, through your club’s membership
  • Access to the Speakers Registry and the Judges List
  • Access to the Judges Course and the Judges-in-Training program
  • Software/training for online submissions and judging
  • Enter the Open Challenge and gain recognition for your club and its members
  • Discounted pricing for special exclusive O3C events
  • Special pricing on our group Photo Tours (Local & International)
  • Product & retail sponsor discounts
  • All members of your club have access to our private Facebook group and Instagram page where they can learn about other clubs’ events

The Current fee schedule for annual membership is as follows:

  • Club membership less than 25 members  $ 30
  • Club membership 25-50 members            $ 50
  • Club membership 51-100 members          $ 75
  • Club membership 101-200 members       $  95
  • Club membership 201+ members            $130
  • Individual Membership                             $  25
  • No HST required. Fees collected in September covering September-August.

Please note that the fees are prorated according to the date of initially joining the O3C and does not apply to membership renewals:

                 Date Joined                         % of Full Year Fee Payable

  • Sept. 1 – Nov. 30                                    100%
  • Dec. 1 –  Feb. 28                                     75%
  • Mar. 1 –   May 31                                     50%
  • Jun. 1 –   Aug. 31                                     25%


If you would like to join, please follow this LINK

For existing clubs that need to renew their membership, please follow this LINK

NOTE TO RENEWING CLUBS: Each season, there is usually a change in Club Executives and their responsibilities. Please fill out the contact information for all of your Executives and update your OLIS listing so we can direct information as needed. If you do not have a membership count, please estimate based on last year or your best judgement for this year. If for some reason you will not be renewing, please let our Membership Director, Tom Stephens know. Clubs that have not renewed by October 15th each year will be automatically disconnected from accessing member content from the O3C website.