O3C Events

Below are the dates for this season.

2021-2022 OCCC Events Calendar

Sept 18          Comp Directors Meeting – (7:30-9:30)

Sept 25          First Rep Meeting (Sat 9-12)

Oct 16            Fall New Judges Course (8-4pm)

Oct 23            Experienced Judges Refresher Course (V2) (8-2:30pm)

Nov 6             O3C/NFRCC Inter-Regional Competition – O3C Host (Sat 9-12)

Nov 27           Experienced Judges Refresher Course (V2) (8-2:30pm)

Dec 4             Second Rep Meeting (Sat 9-12)

Dec 5             2021 Open Challenge Results Presentation (2-4:30pm)

Mar 12           Third Rep Meeting (Sat 9-12)

Mar 19           Experienced Judges Refresher Course (V2) (8-2:30pm)

May 21           Final Rep/AGM Meeting (Sat 9am-12pm)

May 31           2022 Open Challenge Deadline


  • Meeting dates subject to change. All Reps will be notified
  • All Meetings for 2021-22 will be Virtual on ZOOM unless noted otherwise.