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A letter from the President/Open Challenge Chair,

Re: 2020 Open Challenge Cancelled.

These are trying times as we go against our social nature to spend time with family and friends but due to health risks are forced to self isolate.

This situation has effected all member Clubs in the O3C with the challenging Covid-19 situation. Many have closed down completely for the season. Some are using online technologies to keep their members engaged. But overall, we find that people have other serious matters to contend with and photography isn’t a priority.

The O3C Board has had a serious discussion regarding the upcoming deadline for the 2020 Open Challenge. We’ve received input from some clubs and also some suggestions to alter the competition. Most clubs have stated that they may not be able to participate at all due to logistical reasons caused by the pandemic.

We’ve considered the various options and with the high uncertainty of the near future, it would have been speculative to take a “wait and see” approach. Changing the parameters of the competition to only digital was considered, but not accepted as prints are a vital component of our art and should not be excluded.

Even though a majority of the judging can be done online, there are aspects that have to be conducted live (Prints, Tie-Breaks, Awards). At this point we don’t know what the pandemic situation will be like in 2 months or 5 months.

Another major factor was that the Open Challenge was designed to engage all of our Clubs as a means to showcase their talented members. Last year, we had 25 out of 27 clubs participating in the competition. This year we have 37 clubs and it looks like a majority of them won’t be able to participate.

After considering all the options, the O3C Board has decided it’s best that we cancel the Open Challenge for this year. There is too much uncertainty and it would not be fair to everyone involved if we continued and cancelled at the last moment. We will hold it again in 2021. The Current Rules/Guidelines will remain in place for the 2021 Open Challenge with date changes. We do have to remember that we do this for fun and if major international events can be cancelled, we can surely postpone it for a year.

Just a reminder, the next O3C Rep meeting will be held May 23rd. This will be strictly an online ZOOM meeting as venues are still locked down. Further agenda/details to follow closer to the date.

The PhotoTrekkers Africa tour and the Denise Ippolito Day is still scheduled to proceed as planned for October. We will address the situation again end of this summer before making any decisions.

In the meantime, I thank you for your support and patience as we continue to manage the Covid-19 situation together.

Regards and Stay Safe. O3C

Save the date: October 17, 2020 for a full day of educational presentations with Denise Ippolito. See details at :

See INTER-REGIONAL for more details