Renew Memberships with OCCC

Membership Renewal for OCCC (2022-2023)

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    This form is for current clubs renewing their membership.
    If are a new club wanting to join, please see the link for the Join the O3C form.
    Once you have renewed, please update your Club Executive Contacts on the OLIS site.
  • Contact information for the person renewing the Club Membership and submitting the Payment.
  • The Club's information

  • If you do not have a final count for the current season, please base it on an estimate from the past season. This count is for fees as well as so we can distribute discount cards from our sponsors.
    2022-23 Membership Fee Schedule. Please select one from above that matches your clubs' membership. If you do not have an exact count for the current season, please use an estimate based from the previous season.
  • After you've submitted your application, you will be directed to Payment through Paypal or Credit card. If the renewal is after September 15th, your online access will be reactivated by our Club secretary, Bob Wilson. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Secretary or any of our Executives.
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