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F8 Photography Collective, ‘Openings’ Exhibit

F8 Photography Collective, ‘Openings’ Exhibit


Showing Oct 18 – Oct 31, 2022 at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street


F8 Photography Collective (‘F8’) celebrates its fourteenth year of creating contemporary photography, with an exhibition in Toronto’s lively West Queen West area. The show ‘Openings’ is on at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, October 18 to 31, 2022.  F8 members Maureen Littlewood, Catherine MacKinnon, Rod Trider, John Wallace are participating with guest artists Lily Markovic, Colleen Pollack, Anthony Schatzky and Jonathan Ward.

F8’s in-person photo exhibits like ‘Abstracts & Abstractions’ in Nov 2021 seem like distant stars in the galaxy during pandemic lockdown. But after strong response to ‘Abstracts & Abstractions’ at Dignam Gallery, F8 looks forward to its ‘Openings’ photo exhibit at Artscape Youngplace in Oct 2022. ‘Openings’ suggests transition between environments and states. Each of the 8 photographers has a unique perspective so you will see images with a diverse interpretation, subject matter, or representation. Images could be architectural. They could be from nature – a flower unfurling, a break in the clouds, a crack in the ice, the beak of a bird call. They could show how we emerge from lockdown to enjoy a street scene or recreation, and how our lives may have changed.

You are invited to tour the F8 exhibit in the Artscape Youngplace 2nd floor hallway gallery from Oct 18 to 31, Monday to Saturday, 9 to 5 pm and Sunday, 12 to 5 pm.  Visiting hours are extended when the artists are in attendance. The artists will be present Fri Oct 21, 5 to 8 pm; Sat Oct 22, 2 to 5 pm; Fri Oct 28, 5 to 8 pm; and Sat Oct 29, 2 to 5 pm. Join us in this heritage building, Doors Open site & former school repurposed for community programming and cultural events. COVID-19 guidelines re masks, distancing and vaccinations may apply for safety of all. Reach Artscape Youngplace via Queen St 501 streetcar, on foot, or by road.

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Toronto Camera Club Public Presentation 2022 – A Photo Journey

Toronto Camera Club Public Presentation 2022 – A Photo Journey

Tickets are on Sale Now!

Please join us for A Photo Journey – the Toronto Camera Club’s annual Public Presentation and fundraiser! 

This virtual event will premiere four new audio-visual shows by Toronto Camera Club photographers Pat Zuest, Christopher Siou, Olivia Goldstein, and Ray & Mary Ann Anderson.  Bonus presentations include creative short essays by Catalin Sandu and Ann Alimi.  For a sneak preview of these exciting shows from these award-winning photographers, please view the following promotional trailers:

Presentation & Maker

Short Trailer



Mongolia: Nomad’s Land, Ray & Mary Ann Anderson

Click Here

North American Coastal Wildlife, Pat Zuest

Click Here

Morocco: The Land and It’s People, Christopher Siou

Click Here

Around the World in 20 Mins, Olivia Goldstein

Click Here

Dust in the WindAnn Alimi

Click Here

Your $10 ticket is not date-specific, meaning you can attend on any or all of the dates.  This video presentation will be pre-recorded and involve a one-step link to view.  It is approximately two hours in length, but access to the video link will be open for four hours on each date.  During this four-hour window, you may pause, rewind and reopen the video as needed.

Order your tickets now.  You don’t want to miss out on this amazing journey of photography from around the world and closer to home!

Thank you for your support!

Mary Ann Anderson, Chair, Public Presentation

How to Judge, New Judges Training Courses (November 19, 2022)

How to Judge, New Judges Training Courses (November 19, 2022)

Do you compete? Are you curious of the photo judging process? Do you want to give your images the highest potential for scoring in competitions? Are you currently enrolled in the Judges in Training Program? Do you plan to become a Photo Judge one day? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is a must!

This will be a full day, online interactive seminar conducted by two of our highly respected Judges, Bharat Mistry and Norm Ullock; developers of the O3C Judges Program. You will be supplied a printed manual to follow along with a certificate of completion. This course is a per-requisite for all JiTs (Judges in Training).

The course will cover the fundamentals of Photo Judging, The O3C Scoring Model, Constructive commenting, differences in various genres and categories, photo essays and much more.

For Registration for this course, please visit the Seminar Page

Latow Presents Viktoria Haack. April 9-10,16, 2022

Further details and Registration information at :

Oshawa Camera Club Photo Exhibition – May 11, 2022

The Oshawa Camera Club is pleased to announce the details for our Annual Photo Exhibition. It will be held on Wed May 11, 2022, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Like all of our activities this year, the Annual Photo Exhibition will be held online. Enjoy viewing award-winning photography with magnificent composition, portraiture, and creative effects in nine different categories, from the comfort of your home.

Registration for the event is free but limited, so be sure to sign up soon at: