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Bayfield Centre for the Arts – New Building!

Great news for the Bayfield Centre For The Arts!!

2020 O3C & NFRCC Inter Regional Competition

For further details and to join in via ZOOM, please register at:

Note: Entries have been pre-selected by the committee from past Open Challenge Competitions. Makers will be notified if their entries have been entered.

This will be a virtual online event.
Join Us for the 2020 NFRCC vs OCCC Inter Regional Competition
Nov 21st 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Price 10:00 – purchase your ticket at
This is a friendly competition between the Niagara Frontier Region Camera Clubs and the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs.
You will see a wide variety of images of very high caliber.
All images entered into the competition will be shown, with the top 25% of images judged live so you will see the judges making their choices of the winners.
Come and see Keynote Speaker – Gerri Jones – My Creative Adventure – Making Photography Fun

Elite Lightroom Seminar & Training with Doug Hansgate