The Annual Awards Day Brunch and Print Gala

Note: Registration closes at 9:00pm Thursday Oct 17. Please register soon.

Promo PDF:

Our Awards Day keynote speaker:

James Cowie: James is a third generation photographer with a passion for sharing the art of capturing images through adventure travel. His company Photo Tour Trekkers hosts photographers helping them to explore unique destinations around the globe. James has thirty-nine years of experience in the photo industry, and coupled with his travel skills, each guest enjoys an enriching experience while expanding their photographic knowledge, skills and the art of observation.

Keynote Topic: Capturing the Wild Side of Africa

Every photographer enjoys wildlife and landscapes. What better place to capture images of animals, birds, forests, sand dunes and coastlines than the continent of Africa. James will present images and shooting tips from his many trips to Africa. Over the years James has visited Namibia for the sand dunes, the mountains of Uganda for the gorillas, Kenya and Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia and Madagascar for the wildlife and the landscape of South Africa.


2019 Awards Gala Program

7:45am         8:50am       Registration/Continental Breakfast

9:00am       10:15            Keynote  “Capturing Africa” with James Cowie

10:15am       11:00am       Trade Tables & Prints first look       Table Activity

11:00am       12:30 PM      Brunch                                            Table Activity

12:30pm       1:00pm         Trade Tables & Prints first look       Table Activity

1:15pm-       1:30pm         Service Awards and Speeches.

1:30-pm       2:30pm         Awards Part 1 Video

2:30pm         2:45pm         Awards Rewards Raffle                    break                                      15 min

2:45-pm       3:45pm         Awards  Part 2  Video Continues

3:45pm-       4:00pm         Break                                                Prints with winners tags          Break    15 min

4:00pm-       4:30pm         Awards Part 3 Medals/Plaques and Wrap up

Trade Table Times for Attendee Participation- Awards Day       

8:00am – 9:00am              Registration                                     Table Activity

10:15 AM     11:00am       Trade Tables & Prints first look       Table Activity

11:00AM      12:30 PM      Brunch                                            Table Activity

12:30pm       1:00pm         Trade Tables & Prints first look      Table Activity



  • If you are buying any raffle tickets, the draw takes place during the Awards gala on Sunday Oct 19th.
  • You and the ticket must be present to claim any prizes on the Sunday.
  • You may also assign the ticket to a friend/club member who would be attending the awards show to claim any prizes on your behalf.


  • A continental breakfast is included Sunday morning during registration time. (Tea/Coffee, muffins, pastries)
  • Friday Night Get together at Village Bistro (Dinner on your own)
  • Friday Evening Photo Shoot at Reptilia ($30pp. Registration required)
  • Saturday Evening Exotic Portrait Model Shoot with Johan Sorensen ($60pp. Registration Required)
  • NOTE: As of Oct 7th, we have removed restriction for attendance. You may attend either of these events event if you are not participating in Capture or Awards. Please contact Bob Wilson at to make arrangements for payment and attendance.

Friday Evening Photo Shoot Description:

  • This is a closed O3C event at Reptilia after hours.
  • We will have access to the facility and specimen displays for photography.
  • Staff will also bring out various “critters” in the studio room for close up photography
  • “Critters”: spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs – and other cooperative creatures that will be displayed in natural type settings
  • Limited to 18 spots
  • $30 per person

Saturday Evening Photo Shoot Description:

  • “Edgy lighting for sensual photography”
  • Led by Johan Sorensen. Johan Sörensen is a professional photographer from Sweden who first discovered his passion for photography while growing up in Paris. Today, he lives in Toronto where he teaches photography at Humber College. He also works a consultant, a director of photography, and continues to build both his personal and commercial portfolios.   Johan’s work has been exhibited throughout North America and Europe, winning a number of awards including Best Commercial Photographer of the Year. His work has also been published in countless magazines including the French and American editions of Photoio
  • This session will take the photographer to the next level of capturing the female figure and look.  Johan will guide you through the intended style and look to achieve and perfect. There will be two sets each with its own dedicated model. One set will have continuous light so the photographer can direct and take multiple frames with our worrying about a flash. This set up allows multiple shooters. The second set up will be with Flash lighting and have a different look than the first set up. Time will be monitored so everyone has their chance to direct and shine. Bring your cameras, lenses and be creative.
  • Limited to 30 spots
  • $60 per person

NOTE: Registration closes October 15th.