Capturing Light and Shadows

OCCC Capturing Light and Shadows

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This event happens once a year and usually coincides with our Open Challenge Gala and Awards ceremony.More details on the 2019 Capturing Light and Shadows event are coming soon. Please check back.

Our Speakers and Presenters:

Morning Keynote Speaker: Peter Van Rhijn

Topic: The Macro Dimension.

Macro Photography, for the purpose of this talk, is defined as images a nature photographer can easily create with standard macro lenses, or extension tubes. The size of the subjects comes with various unique opportunities to control composition and lighting, as compared to shooting landscapes. Some of Peter’s favorite approaches are demonstrated. Peter’s program is concluded with a short AV entitled: “The World Laughs in Flowers”.  This AV presents flower images mixed with images of their natural habitat.

Bio: Peter’s interest in photography was fueled early on by his interest in the production of AV presentations. His 3-projector, medium-format shows were seen in many places in North America, and “Strength In Beauty” was presented to close the very first meeting of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) in Fort Meyers FL. Peter is an associate of the New England Council of Camera Clubs (ANEC) and an honorary member of the Mississauga Camera Club and the Don Mills Camera Club. Since his retirement from medicine, Peter has been active in competition judging and delivering workshops and presentations to Camera Clubs throughout Ontario.

Morning Sessions:

Topic: The Big Splash! Instructor: Bharat Mistry

More fun with liquids! But this time on a larger scale. Bharat will live demo some large scale liquid art photography using common equipment. The demo will include conceptualizing, equipment choices and settings, subject setup followed by some post processing to create your final image.

Bio: Bharat is currently a long time member with the Oshawa Camera Club where he has held several positions on the Executive. Currently he is also the President of the OCCC and an accredited GTCCC judge. His photographic style and interests reflect his background in Graphic Arts & Design. Working in many photographic formats from digital to film, he uses his creativity in the field as well as the studio. Much of his work is creatively conceptualized and brought together from capture to being post processed in a variety of software.

Topic: Close-Up Macro Photography with Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Instructor: Leif Petersen

In this seminar, Leif will inspire you with the fun, creativity and discovery involved in close-up and macro photography using the latest mirrorless micro four-thirds technology.  Macro photography opens your eyes to a whole new world and teaches you more than the photography basics.

Part of this session will be hands-on, trying out a variety of lenses.  Of course, macro isn’t limited to micro four-thirds, so bring your own equipment (camera, lens, tripod, remote shutter release) and get ready to play, experiment and learn.

Bio: Leif has enjoyed photography for over 30 years and is very involved in the Durham Region and GTA photographic communities.  He has been a member of the Oshawa Camera Club for 11 years, currently serving as President.  He is also the Treasurer of the Toronto Focal Forum, a diverse group of photographic printmakers from the GTA and beyond. Leif travels extensively and his portfolio includes a wide range of subjects.  He prints, mats and frames his own photographs and offers these services to other photographers and artists.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise by offering various workshops and photography tours.  You can view Leif’s work at

Topic: Break the Rules Instructor: B. Dass

In this thought provoking session we will examine several ‘rules’ of photography, looking at their benefits and drawbacks.  Are the rules mandatory or merely suggestions?  If you break them will the design police break down your door?  We will look at many photographs by acknowledged masters of photography past and present that challenge, bend, break and ignore the rules you’ve come to believe are sacred.  See how breaking the rules can free your creativity.

Bio: Dass began photographing as a child with a Brownie Instamatic and progressed to an SLR in his teens.  In his early 20’s he worked for a portrait house in Toronto and later for a commercial photographer.  In 2008 he joined a camera club and became very active in the local photography scene.  He is currently a member of the Richmond Hill camera club and vice president of the Toronto Focal Forum.  In 2019 he will be taking a group of photographers to northern India to explore the mystical land he knows so well.

Topic: Night Photography – How to skip some sleep and get some great night shots. Instructor: Chris Ogeneck

Description  – With the amazing low-light capabilities of the newer generation of camera’s, there’s no reason to keep it locked away once the sun goes down.  Whether you’re looking to capture star trails, night landscapes, or even combine them all together with some light painting techniques, we’ll go through some basic tips for how to get some truly remarkable photographs at a time of the night when most other photographers are busy sleeping.

Bio: Chris is a training specialist that has been with Nikon Canada for over 9 years.  He has extensive knowledge in many branches of photography, from sports to landscapes to specialized night photography.  Helping to remove the mystery of the technical aspects of photography is what he loves doing, whether it’s with budding photographers who are pushing themselves to learn more, or pro photographers who want to know the latest tech that’s available.

Afternoon Sessions: (Hands on Sessions)

Topic: Creativity on Display

Instructor: Doug Hansgate

Description to come soon.

Topic: Painting with Light

Instructor: Joe LeDuc

Description to come soon.

Topic: Fashion & Glamor Shoots

Instructor: Johan Sorensen

Description to come soon.

Afternoon Tech Talk

Topic: Strides  In Our Technologies with Isabelle Crisante.

Presented by Sony

Description to come soon.


  • Friday Night Get together at Village Bistro (Dinner on your own)
  • Friday Evening Photo Shoot at Reptilia ($30pp. Registration required)
  • Saturday Evening Exotic Portrait Model Shoot with Johan Sorensen ($60pp. Registration Required)

2019 Capture Day Program

7:45am-8:50am         Registration

9:00am-10:10am       Keynote: Peter Van Rhijn on The Macro Dimension

10:15am-10:45am Coffee Break & Trade Tables

10:45 – 12:00pm Morning Tutorials

1  Liquid Art : The Big Splash with Bharat Mistry

2  Macro on Micro 4/3 with Leif Petersen

3  Break the Rules with D.Dass

4  Night Photography with Chris Ogeneck

12:00pm-1:15pm Lunch    

Sit Down Lunch On Included onsite & Trade Tables

1:15pm-3:30pm Afternoon Workshops (Hand On)

1 Creativity on Display with Doug Hansgate

2 Painting with Light with Joe LeDuc

3 Fashion & Glamor Shoots with Johan Sorensen

3:30pm-4:15pm  Coffee Break & Trade Tables

4:15pm-4:45pm         Teck Talk: Strides  In Our Technologies with Isabelle Crisante

4:45pm-5:00pm         Wrap up and Raffle with Harvey Rogers

5:00pm-5:30pm         Table Time


  • Friday Night Get together at Village Bistro (Dinner on your own)
  • Friday Evening Photo Shoot at Reptilia ($30pp. Registration required)
  • Saturday Evening Exotic Portrait Model Shoot with Johan Sorensen ($60pp. Registration Required)

Registration opening soon.